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THE GIVER, by Lois Lowry


We ventured into The Giver and we loved it!

A communist society, fixed rules and punishments for opinions, individuality and feelings… sounds like a pain in the neck, right? Then, why do 14-year-olds love it?

Lois Lowry´s “The Giver” is now being used as a summer reader in several schools and it rocks in all of them.  For you guys who haven´t had the pleasure of reading it (yet) we´ll walk you through it.

Perfectly ordinary Jonas, polite and quiet Jonas is selected as THE RECEIVER (he didn´t receive my e-mails though; thanks for that one, Lowry) putting his life upside down, and eventually everybody else´s too.

You´ll probably be wondering what is so important about receiving… What is he receiving?  Well then, he is selected to receive memories.

Among Jonas community nobody questions authority; nobody breaks the rules and “nobody lies” because nobody knows they are actually LIVING the lie. People don’t have a clue about a previous world, nor memories of it; they all live “happily” in their bubbles until tables are turned.  This creates an innovative, interesting and out-of-the-box like setting which will surely catch your attention. The development of characters through this environment will make you go crazy – especially Jonas, as he goes from zero to hero (by literally not giving a damn about rules, heroic).

Such a juicy and controversial setting, such an elaborated plot and such amazing characters… for such bad ending?  Was due date too soon? (We still love you, keep it up, though).  We are 100% sure you’ll be disappointed with this story’s ending (“Lost” ending like disappointing; Derek dying level of disappointment; season 5 of Prison Break dullness – Ok, not that much). 

Though the ending is (for sure) a big spoiler, in a nutshell, we enjoyed and got caught and tangled with this story.  We recommend it for teenagers, but we must remark there are no unexpected turns at all, which probably won’t tempt them so much (we’ve been there, just read it).  It is a must-read, won’t you give it a try?

Written by Lola Diaz Varela and Anita Liñares